You can connect a printer with a USB cable, wirelessly, or with a network cable. However, not all printers have network cable and wireless capabilities. For this you need to check the connection mode available on your printer. In addition, the configuration for each type of connection is different and you should consult your printer quick guide.

How to install a printer using Windows 10 drivers

Connect your printer to a computer using a USB cable.

Plug in the printer and turn it on.

Windows 10 will detect your printer and try to find the correct driver for your printer.

Once the process is complete, Windows 10 will display a notification at the bottom right of the screen.

To verify the presence of the printer on your computer, type printer in the Windows 10 search bar, then select Printers & Scanners.

You should see the printer in the settings window.

How to test a printer in Windows 10

When the printer installation is complete, open Notepad, and then type something in the file.

Go to File in the menu bar, select Print.

In the Printer window, select the printer you just installed, and then click Print.

How to connect printer on network

This method is good for installing wireless printer and network cable printer. If you are using a cable, you do not need to press the wireless button on the printer.

Go to the Windows 10 search bar, type printer, then select Add a printer or scanner.

Turn on the printer and press the Wi-Fi button on the printer.

In the settings window, select Add a printer or scanner.

Wait for Windows to display a new message.

Select your printer and click Add device.

How to change the default printer in Windows 10

Go to the Windows 10 search bar, type printer, and then select Printers & Scanners.

Uncheck “Let Windows manage my default printer”.

Click on the printer you want to use as default and select Manage.

A new window will open, click on Set as default.

Close the settings window.

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