How to Create QR Codes in Google Sheets

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Being able to create QR codes directly in Google Sheets is very useful and the process is straight forward. Quick Response (QR) Code becomes a popular way to quickly share information through mobile devices. Whether for professional or personal use, being able to generate QR code remains a useful feature. This blog post provides the necessary information needed to create QR codes in Google Sheets spreadsheet with ease.

Create QR codes via the Google Chart API

Google provides a link to the chart API that you can use with the IMAGE function in Google Sheets to create QR codes. When you have the link, you will see how easy it is to work with the formula. You can use the formula to create QR codes that link to websites, phone calls, or text messages.

The formula looks like this:

=IMAGE(“×150&cht=qr&chl=” & NEED-QR-CODE)

Let’s break down the information in the formula and explain the options. This is the site link to access the Google chart API.

chs=300×300: This is the size of the QR code in pixels as width and height. To adjust the size, change the value to another number.

cht=qr: This specifies the type is QR code.

chl=” & NEED-QR-CODE: This is the data to encode or any cell reference you want to encode.

Open Google Sheets, then Create a new spreadsheet document or open the Google Sheets spreadsheet on which you want to create the QR codes.

Create two columns, one for your links and one for your QR codes.

Select the cell where you want to add the QR code.

Locate the function area, type =IMAGE(“×150&cht=qr&chl=” & NEED-QR-CODE)

Replace NEED-QR-CODE by the address that you would like to generate the QR code (Example: A2)

Click anywhere in your Google Sheets spreadsheet to show your QR code.

To generate QR codes for the rest of the Google Sheets spreadsheet, just drag the first cell down.

Video to show you how to make a qr code for a google sheet

Another easy way to create QR codes in Google Sheets is by using an extension

Instead of the formula, you can install an extension from Google Workspace Marketplace. There are many extensions that can do the job, but the one we’ll be using in this tutorial is QR Code Marker.

Open your Google Chrome web browser.

Navigate to the Google website, then Sign In with your credentials.

In the Google Workspace Marketplace, type QR Code Maker, press search, then click on the first result.

Follow the instructions on the screen to install extension.

When you have the extension installed on your browser, open Google Sheets and create a new spreadsheet or open the spreadsheet on which you want to create the QR codes.

Select the data that you want to convert into a QR code. This could be any text message, website URL, email address, phone number or other.

Go to the extension menu, then select Generate QR Code.

In conclusion, Google Sheets offers an easy-to-use method for creating QR codes that can be used for a variety of purposes. By following the provided steps in this blog post, you can quickly and efficiently generate QR codes that contain specific information, such as web addresses or phone numbers. This simple process can help you share information with others quickly and efficiently.

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