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The error message “Xfinity connect to in-home WIFI to watch” appears in your device because the Xfinity Internet system doesn’t see that you are accessing its network with the IP address it assigned to your home.

What can cause “Connect to in-home Wifi to watch” message?

  • You are away from home.
  • There are several Internet connections in your home and you don’t use your Xfinity internet connection.
  • You are using a proxy server in the software that opens IPTV Xfinity Stream.
  • Your system use a VPN server and the default route goes to the VPN connection.

How to fix Xfinity connect to in-home WIFI to watch

To resolve the problem, your system needs to know that traffic that is passing over the Xfinity TV network must use the Xfinity IP address assigned to your home.

I recently published a post Error 1020 access denied, which is an error that can appear on web browser when a firewall rule prevents an IP address from accessing content from a website. The reasoning used in the post Error 1020 access denied can help you in the process to resolve the “Xfinity connect to in-home WIFI to watch” problem.

How to fix Xfinity connect to in home wifi to watch in your web browser

If you are at home and the problem is caused by a proxy server. Use the proxy server except area to add the address IP of Xfinity iptv stream.

Below is a video to show you, how to access all your Xfinity iptv stream when you are outdoors. It was possible with the help of an SSH server that I have at home.

How to fix Xfinity connect to in home wifi to watch in your VPN client

If you are at home and the problem is caused by a VPN, you can setup the VPN client to send all your Xfinity traffic to a new gateway, which is the IP address of your Comcast modem.

To find all IP addresses for a fully qualified domain name (FQDN), use nslookup to get the IP addresses.

Video to show you how to setup OpenVPN client to send all Xfinity TV traffic to a new gateway

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