Fix DNS leak in Ubuntu because it is a computer security issue that occurs when you request encrypted data on systems like VPN, proxy, but your device uses the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Domain Name System (DNS) to do your request.

When DNS leak problem occurs, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will know which websites you are visiting because it’s the ISP’s DNS server that does the name resolution.

This post provides information you need to fix dns leak in Ubuntu; But configuring network settings to avoid DNS leak on most Linux distributions uses the same approach.

Some of the most used and trusted Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) DNS servers:
Google Public DNS: and
Cloudflare DNS: and
OpenDNS: and

How To Fix OpenVPN DNS Leak In Linux
  1. Go to network connection
  2. Select the connection you want to setup and click edit
  3. In the ipv6 method select ignore
  4. Select the ipv4 tab
  5. In method, if your system automatically obtains the IP address, select automatic (DHCP) addresses only
  6. In DNS server, type your VPN DNS IP address or you can use any public DNS server of your choice.
  7. click save
  8. Restart the network connection

Video to show you how to fix dns leak in Ubuntu

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