Error 1020 access denied

Error 1020 Access Denied on socialblade website

The error 1020 access denied appears in your web browser because a firewall rule prevents the IP address you are using from accessing the website. If you are the website administrator, you receive the error message 1020, then access the firewall log file to see the cause of the problem.

pfsense firewall log entries

If you see that the problem error 1020 access denied is caused by Cloudflare, you can temporarily pause Cloudflare.

What users can do when they see the error message 1020

If you are a user and don’t have access to the firewall of the website, use a different IP address to access the website. In the video below, I used a different IP address to bypass the problem error 1020 access denied. Another option, you can write a message about error 1020 to the website administrator and ask them to whitelist your IP address or change the firewall rule that blocks you from accessing the website.

I recently published the post “Xfinity connect to in home wifi to watch” that fixes a problem like this. The post has two methods that can help you solve these types of problems.

In the image below, I created a firewall rule with pfsense IP alias to send all traffic from IP addresses of socialblade to another gateway.

pfsense setup rule ip alias
pfsense setup rule IP alias

Note: You will find the socialblade and Cloudflare website in the Bookmark.

Alternative method to avoid error 1020

If you don’t want to reconfigure your device or if you don’t have administrative rights on the system, you can read how to set your web browser to a specific country which is another post that I published recently which will help you solve the problem error 1020 cannot login to the site.

Video to show you how to fix error 1020 access denied in pfsense

How to fix error 1020 using dd-wrt

First, you need to know the IP addresses available for the domain name. To do this, perform an nslookup to display the IP addresses of the domain name you want to use. If the domain name has only one IP address, add a route only for the domain name.

route gateway-ip-address

Open your dd wrt webpage.

Click Services and select VPN.

Navigate to the advanced settings area. Add route to tell your router to use a different gateway for traffic going to the website that displays the error 1020.

Add a route for each IP address in the nslookup result.

Click Save.

Click Refresh to access the web page.

If you need more help to fix error 1020 in your systems, please contact me with your questions.

How to fix error 1020 using dd-wrt

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