In this post, you will see how to create a port alias in pfsense. Ports alias feature is really useful when you have services that use multiple ports and want to make the administrative task easier.

The port alias is a group of ports and you can call it in many places in the pfsense firewall, such as NAT rules, OpenVPN rules, firewall rules, LAN rules, WAN rules …

To setup a port alias in pfsense, go to firewall and select aliases.

Select the ports tab and click add to create a new alias.

In the properties area, give a name to the alias, a description to help you identify the port alias but it is optional.

In the Port (s) area, enter the port number, a description or if a common network port numbers the port name but it is optional. To enter a new port, click on “Add port".

When you are done click on save.

Now, if you need to use ports for a web server, you can use the alias ports (webserver) you just created.