SSH is a method used to establish secure connection between two points. The SSH system uses public and private keys to establish a secure connection. Before accessing the SSH server, the system checks whether the private key on the SSH client matches the public key on the server.

This post provides the necessary steps to create SSH key with puttygen in Windows 10.

The software we are going to use to generate the SSH key is puttygen; And the program is automatically installed with putty. If you don’t have putty on your computer, you can install it because it’s a good SSH client; But if you just want to create SSH key, you can download the puttygen from the official website.

How To Generate SSH Key With Putty

Open the puttygen.

At the bottom of the PuTTY key generator, select RSA.

Click Generate and move the mouse over the Key box to generate random values.

When the process is complete, puttygen will display the public and private key. In addition, if you want to use a passphrase to protect your private key, enter a passphrase in the passphrase box.

Save your private key in a good place and never share it with anyone.

Copy the public key to your SSH server or send it to the person who will give you access to their SSH server.

Note: With a private key, you can always regenerate their public key.

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