How to clear clipboard in Windows 10

Image contains steps to clear clipboard in Windows 10

The clipboard tool temporarily stores any copy or cut information of your Windows 10 computer. But luckily, Windows 10 makes it easy to clear data saved to the clipboard with just a few clicks.

By default, the Windows 10 clipboard stores the last information copied or cut but Windows 10 optionally gives the option to activate multiple clipboards.

This post provides the information you need to delete a single clipboard and multiple clipboards in Windows 10.

To clear your clipboard, right click on the Windows key and click on Settings.

Select system.

In the settings window, choose clipboard on the left side.

On the right side, go to the clear clipboard data area and click clear.

When you are done, the clear button will change color.

If you have multiple clipboards enabled in your Windows computer, press the Windows key and the touch V at the same time to open the clipboard panel.

You can now click on the three dots and choose to delete an item or click Clear All to delete all saved clipboards.

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