How to convert jpg to pdf on Windows 10

Steps to convert jpg image to PDF file on Windows 10

There are many situations which may make you think to convert jpg to pdf like if you want to have your images in one file or  you need to upload your image to a website that does not accept jpg file uploading. Fortunately, Microsoft Windows 10 includes tools to convert any image to pdf.

How to convert jpg image to pdf on Windows 10

Locate the image, then open it with the Photos app, Paint, or any software that can open image.

In the Photos window, click the Printer icon or press Ctrl + P key to print.

In the Printer window, select “Microsoft Print to PDF” from Printer, and then click Print.

Choose a location to save your pdf file, give the file a name and click Save.

Now your image is saved in pdf format and you can open it with your pdf reader you have in your computer.

Video to show you how to convert image to pdf in Windows 10

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