How to Play DVDs on Windows 10

Image contains steps to play DVD in Windows 10 with VLC Media Player, Kodi Media Player and Windows Media Player

Whenever you want to play DVD in Windows 10, you need to have software that can play DVDs. If you bought a new computer with a DVD drive, chances are the manufacturer shipped the computer with software that can play DVDs. In addition, you can refer to the quick guide that came with your computer for how to play a DVD on it. Usually, if a computer has software to play DVD, you will see it when you add DVD to the drive; Or when you go to Windows 10 search bar and type DVD.

If your computer does not have DVD playback, you can install a free or paid media player that can play DVDs, such as free and open source software like: VLC Media Player and Kodi or paid software like the Windows DVD Player app.

How to Play DVD with VLC Media Player

Insert the DVD disk into the drive.

Go to the Windows 10 search bar, type vlc, then click VLC Media Player in the search result.

In the VLC media player window, click Media, then choose Open Disc.

In the Disc Selection section, check DVD, select the drive letter your DVD is on, and then click Play.

How to watch DVDs in Kodi

Insert the DVD disk into the drive.

To open Kodi media player, go to the Windows 10 search bar, type kodi, then click Kodi in the search result.

On the left side, select Disk.

Click Play Disk.

How to Play DVD with Windows DVD Player

Right click on Start, then click File Explorer

In the File Explorer window, right click on the DVD, then select Open AutoPlay

Click “Find a new DVD app

Select “Windows DVD Player

Click “Free Trial” or Buy

Once the installation is complete, double click on the DVD.

The next time you insert a DVD disc, the disc should start playing automatically.

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