How to fix VLC won’t open

The image contains Windows 10 desktop, VLC media player, and a VLC logo.

VLC is one of the best media player out there, but since there are no perfect application, sometimes you will have to fix VLC won’t open and can’t start properly. In my experience, the cause of VLC won’t open issue is often related to firewall and VLC cache file.

This guide provides two methods to fix VLC media player won’t open in Windows 10.

First method, temporarily stop your firewall and try to open VLC again.
If VLC is able to start when you have disabled the firewall, the problem is caused by the firewall. In this situation, create an exception rule for the VLC media player in your firewall.

Second method, delete the files in the VLC cache folder.

How to delete VLC cache in Windows 10

Go to the Windows 10 search bar, type run, and then click run in the search results. Or

Press the Windows key + R at the same time to open run.
In the run window, type %APPDATA%/vlc and click OK.
Delete everything in the folder (~\AppData\Roaming\vlc)

After deleting the cache file, VLC will start working again.

Video to show you how to fix VLC won’t open / won’t start properly / VLC can’t open

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