Windows 10 won’t shut down just restarts

Image contains Windows 10 login screen

I have found that my windows 10 won’t shut down after update. The problem was every time I click on shutdown or try to put my computer into hibernate mode, my windows 10 won’t shut down but come back to the login screen.

In this post, you will see the steps I have taken to resolve the issue “Windows 10 won’t shut down goes back to login”

In the Windows 10 search bar, type power settings then click Power & sleep settings in the search result.

On the right side, click Additional Power Settings.

Click change plan settings on your active plan that you have on the computer.

Select Restore default settings for this plan.

A window will open asking “Are you sure you want to restore this plan’s default settings?”.

Click Yes.

Go back to the power options (Alt + Left Arrow)

On the left side, select “choose what closing the lid does

Click on “change settings that are current unavailable

Uncheck “Turn on fast startup (recommended)

Click on Save changes.

Close the Power Options window.

Go to start and click shutdown to confirm the fix.

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