When you want to share your computer internet connection with other devices, you can create a WIFI hotspot. Microsoft Windows integrated with support to create hotspot on Windows 10 without any third-party software.

How to set up a mobile hotspot in Windows 10

Click on Start and select Settings or press Windows key + i to access the settings app.

In the Windows Settings window, click Network & Internet.

On the left side, select Mobile hotspot.

On the right side, choose the internet connection you want to share in the “Share my Internet connection from” section.

Click on edit.

In the Edit network info window, enter a new network name, password, choose any available in Network band, then click Save.

Now turn on the “Share my internet connection with device” switch. To connect a device to your new mobile hotspot, navigate to the WIFI settings on the device, select the network name, enter the password, then click connect.

Video to show you how to turn your computer into a hotspot on windows 10

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