How to remove kingComposer posts in WordPress Website

The image contains the WordPress admin section and the edit post area with KingComposer

If for some reason you don’t want to use KingComposer in certain posts or pages, you can open edit, then remove the entire KingComposer section in the post or page.

The reason I removed kingcomposer on my pages and posts is because some important plugins I own don’t work well with it and I have better page speed. If you want to remove kingcomposer from your posts, think about which plugin you use the most and which one has more priority for you.

How to convert KingComposer post to Classic Mode post manually

Copy the information on the page or post you want to remove KingComposer.

Delete the entire KingComposer section from the page or post.

You will see the message on your screen “You have a blank page”.

Click Save now.

Now click on Classic Mode.

Depending on the status of your post or page, click update or save.

Now rewrite the post or page without KingComposer.

When you’re done, click update or save.

Video to show you how to remove king composer post in WordPress site

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