The Microsoft Outlook app on Android is a secure way to access your emails and calendars on mobile device.

How to install outlook on android

On your mobile device, go to the Google Play Store to download and install the Microsoft Outlook app.
In the search area, type Outlook.
Select Microsoft Outlook

Tap on install to install the Microsoft Outlook app.

Now Outlook installation is complete, tap Open.

The installation of Microsoft Outlook is now complete and the app is open.

How to set up Outlook on Android


Microsoft Outlook can detect other emails on your Android device, to add them to Outlook, tap Add account.

If you don’t want Outlook to add the email addresses you already have on the device, uncheck them and tap skip.

Enter the email address you want to configure and tap on continue.

If the system selects a wrong provider, tap on the question mark at the top right then select Change account provider.

Choose the provider that matches your email account, but if you don’t see your email provider, go to the advanced area and choose IMAP or POP3 as needed.

If you don’t have a specific reason, IMAP is the one to choose.

Enter your password, display name, description and tap the check mark at the top right.

Finally, some other screens will appear but you can skip them.