There are many situations that may make you think about changing country in the Google Play Store. For example, move to another country, some of your favorite apps are not available in your current play store, you want to use another local payment method.

Things to consider before changing country in the Google Play Store

To change country in Android Google Play Store, you must be in the country or use an IP address of the country you want to be in.

Your Google Play Store credit will disappear and you will need to add new payment information.

You will not be able to access your apps that are subject to country restrictions.

In Google Play Store, you can change country once a year.

Not all apps are available in all countries. In other words, some applications will not be available in the new Google Play Store country you are switching to.

All guarantees will not be applicable.

How to change country in Google Play Store

Open the Google Play Store.

At the top right, tap the three horizontal bars to access the menu.

Choose Account.

Under “Country and profiles”, tap “Add Credit or Debit Card” or “Add PayPal” to switch to the new Play Store country.

A new window will open with a warning message. Read it carefully to see if you really want to change your Google Play Store to another country. If you really want to proceed to the next step, tap Continue.