How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Windows 10

Mouse acceleration in Windows 10 increases the speed of the mouse pointer movement. It’s a useful feature but can be bad if you really need precision in software like video games.

If you need precision in your mouse pointer, you can turn off the mouse acceleration, so that the mouse pointer reflects your mouse movement.

This post provides the necessary steps to disable Windows 10 mouse acceleration.

How to disable mouse acceleration in Windows 10

Click on Start and select Settings.

In the Windows Settings window, click Devices.

On the left side, select Mouse.

Find the “Additional mouse options” and click on it.

In the mouse properties window, select the “Pointer Options” tab.

In the Motion section, uncheck the “Enhance pointer precision“.

Click OK to close the mouse properties window.

Close the settings window.

To enable mouse acceleration in windows 10, do the same process to turn off mouse acceleration. When you reach the motion section, check “Enhance pointer precision” to turn it On.

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