How to use emoji on Windows 10

Image contains Windows 10 desktop and emoji window

Windows 10 has a built-in emoji application that allows you to easily enhance the visual appearance of your message and express your feelings whenever you want with your computer keyboard. To use emoji on Windows 10, you need to use a shortcut created by two keys on your computer keyboard.

How to get emojis on Windows 10

Open the document or application you want to add the emoji to.

To open the emoji panel with your keyboard, simultaneously press the Windows key and R key.

In the emoji window you have multiple types and each type has multiple categories.

To find an emoji, type the name of the emoji, then click on it. Or

Select the emoji you want to use from the list.

You can use emojis on Windows 10 pc on any app that accepts text, like: Instagram, Notepad, Facebook, Microsoft Word, and others.

Video to show you how to add emojis from your keyboard in Windows 10

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